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We are huge fans of Nashville Hot Chicken, especially after visiting Nashville with some of the crew on our way to The Jack in 2018. Some of us remember it for all the wrong reasons after dialling up the heat level a little too much 🔥😱 Anyway a great time was had and we absolutely loved trying all the Hot Chicken we could handle! So here's our taken on Nashville Hot Chicken! Remember to adjust the heat depending on your taste buds and not to compete with your friends - that's what Simon did 🥴

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"A huge thanks to our Ambassador Rob for this epic recipe find all his amazing cooks here: How about some beef dripping fried chicken flavoured with Honey Chilli seasoning and liberally drizzled at the end with some hot Jalepeno honey. It’s sweet, spicy and more than a little bit nicey. Admittedly, there is a bit of effort and patience involved with this, but we all know fried chicken cooked well is food of the gods and it's more than worth it. "

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Move over KFC – for these GCNs – Golden Chicken Nuggets! These tasty nuggets are so moreish – pieces of chicken thigh coated in Fools Gold with flavours of bacon, miso and honey you’ll be licking your lips and fingers and wanting more! Fried, grilled or skewered, they make a super snack. Dip into your favourite sauce and eat on their own or with chips. The kids will love them too.

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