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This is a delicious light bread made with your leftover pumpkin.  The sprinkling of demerera sugar on the top gives a wonderful sweet crunch.

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A little bit of a labour of love this one! But we think you'll agree it's worth it when you see the results 🎃 A fabulous Spiced Pumpkin Sourdough with the fabulous flavours provided by our Meat Tinsel seasoning!

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Indulgence takes on a new form with our Toffee Apple Pastry Doughnuts – a delectable fusion of the classic autumn flavors we all adore. These golden delights marry the irresistible sweetness of toffee apples with the irresistible allure of fluffy, glazed doughnuts. Picture flaky layers of pastry enveloping spiced apple goodness with our Meat Tinsel seasoning, all crowned with a luscious toffee drizzle. Whether you're celebrating the crisp autumn season, hosting a cozy brunch, or just craving a sweet escape, these doughnuts are your ticket to a warm, comforting embrace of flavours. Get ready to fall in love with every scrumptious...

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This is a lovely, buttery, delicious shortbread with the warming, gentle spices of Meat Tinsel to get you in the Christmas mood. It also smells wonderful while it is cooking! You can roll out the dough and make biscuits with cookie cutters or cook in a baking tin and cut it into squares or rectangles.  This festive shortbread is ideal to make with little people and to have ready for when guests arrive or put into gift bags to give as presents. 

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Light as a feather and packed full of the taste of Christmas, thanks to the addition of Angus & Oink’s Meat Tinsel seasoning, these festive buns are perfect for a Christmas Eve treat.

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