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Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' This giant sausage roll will keep even the hungriest of guests satisfied!!

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Gumbo is a hearty savory stew made with meats, shellfish or both, and a selection of vegetables and herbs. That's about the extent of the rules, and each household will have their own favourite way, a little like with Mince & Tatties - some like runny gravy, some like thick! Gumbo can be as thin as soup or as thick as gravy, and chicken, sausage and King Prawns are typical favourite proteins. Give it a go!

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"Jambalaya is possibly the greatest one pot dish of comfort food ever created and is loaded with juicy chicken, sausage, prawns, and the every so slightly creamy Arborio risotto rice. The Cajun seasoning mix is packed with high quality and traditional herbs and spices used in Creole cooking and seasons the dish beautifully. If you’re looking for incredibly tasty comfort food, this is the one for you and will guarantee to please all the family. "

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