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exodust, jerk, ninja woodfire, prawn, shrimp -

This dish really delivers flavour! Plump juicy shrimps threaded onto bamboo skewers and basted with jerk style Caribbean butter. Spicy and delicious! Served up on a simple bed of pilau rice and a side of watermelon salsa its fresh and zingy with an islands vibe

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cajun, Cajun Red, shrimp -

This is a Deep South classic from Louisiana. Made of the holy trinity of onion celery and green peppers and shrimp, it has every thing need to make you feel your down by the Mississippi River 

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italian stallion, sauce, shrimp -

"This versatile sauce is packed full of flavour and pairs really well with fish, steak, chicken or even pasta and baked potatoes. It’s incredibly simple to make and can be knocked up in just a few minutes. Sun-dried tomatoes make a great addition to this sauce, and the prawns can be swapped out for mushrooms that have been sautéed prior to stirring through with some freshly chopped parsley. Make it your own! Enjoy! Kel x"

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chinese, chinese takeaway, king prawn, salt & Chilli, Salt & Pepper, shrimp -

"Recreate a favourite Chinese takeout meal in around 20 minutes. Ideal for a weeknight super for a nutritious, wholesome meal. Or make as a sumptuous side dish for banquet style feasts with friends."

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cajun, Cajun Red, chicken, jambalaya, king prawn, Sausage, shrimp -

"Jambalaya is possibly the greatest one pot dish of comfort food ever created and is loaded with juicy chicken, sausage, prawns, and the every so slightly creamy Arborio risotto rice. The Cajun seasoning mix is packed with high quality and traditional herbs and spices used in Creole cooking and seasons the dish beautifully. If you’re looking for incredibly tasty comfort food, this is the one for you and will guarantee to please all the family. "

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