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With the cost of living on the rise, feeding a family can be expensive so I wanted to create a recipe that focuses on cheaper cuts of meat, such as rolled Brisket, that will easily feed a family of 6 without breaking the bank. Large chunks of brisket are seasoned with the Angus & Oink Cuban rub and slowcooked in a rich tomatoey sauce. The addition of beans fill out the dish and add a healthy dose of fibre to a protein packed dish. Perfect for the autumn months ahead.

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Gumbo is a hearty savory stew made with meats, shellfish or both, and a selection of vegetables and herbs. That's about the extent of the rules, and each household will have their own favourite way, a little like with Mince & Tatties - some like runny gravy, some like thick! Gumbo can be as thin as soup or as thick as gravy, and chicken, sausage and King Prawns are typical favourite proteins. Give it a go!

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"An epic cook from our brand ambassador Neil over at Griller Guerilla, here he talks us through how he went about it. Here is a cook of two parts. I figured that the ""Red Cajun"" would be just the ticket for a Smoky Pork and Beans Casserole … so I set to it."

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