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The ULTIMATE Steak Sandwich!

We hope you'll agree that this looks like the ultimate steak sandwich! 

Kelly has made full use of this month's seasonings in the spotlight and come up with this absolute beauty, in fact it looks so tasty we feel it needs a name better than sandwich

Here Kelly has dusted some sirloin steak in our Braai Seasoning and grilled it up, then added some rocket and horseradish mayo and popped it between to pieces of her amazing Garlic & Herb Focaccia Bread (see recipe below for Kelly's super simple Focaccia). BAM job done, and it's a good 'un!

Kelly's Super Simple Garlic & Herb Focaccia!

This super easy recipe involves barely 10 minutes of ‘hands on’ time.  Preparation starts the day before you wish to bake.  The slow, cold proofing provides extra flavour and a great structure to the bread.