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Rob Claydon

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Fond childhood memories camping in the UK form my earliest recollection of cooking and eating outdoors. With the smell of bacon, eggs and the sound of whistling kettles. As a grown up  programs such as Man Vs Food saw me trying to emulate the foods id seen on tv and enjoyed firsthand in the US. 

One day a guy “Scott” from Facebook slid into my DM’s thrusting his wares upon me. How rude I thought and promptly ignored the message. Pretty soon Scott and Malissa were blowing up the “scene” bringing food recipe ideas and an ever-evolving range . Groups such as CWS were bustling with this emerging brand and It wasn’t long until I was jumping into the best trend in town. First time I had glazed and confused ribs, it left me exactly how it said on the bottle and I haven’t made my own rub or sauce since.

Looking back at my mindset to cooking, my quest for flavour saw me shovelling in the food eating to excess and in no time at all I was 17.5 stone. Even though I remained quite fit at 34 I needed a knee operation so something had to change. Educating myself on nutrition, counting calories, veganism, and much later a strict keto approach I was able to lose nearly 5 stone overall.

Even though BBQ changed a bit for me. By expanding my knowledge and my beliefs it has never stopped. In Spite of lockdown the weight is mostly still off and my BBQ has got so much better for it.

My style (if you'd call it that) is a meat centric approach with a low carb sides. I focus predominantly on proteins and essential fats. These alone will get you BBQ that is quite good. The art for me is a carefully applied seasoning that can still fit my macros and take it to a new level. This is what you can expect to see from me.

What more can I say? Except, I’m buzzing to be chosen for this and excited that I can share this somewhat unconventional approach that I call me.

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