Charred Ruby Oink Grapefruit, Black Cardamom and Stem Ginger Pork Fillet

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Charred Ruby Oink Grapefruit, Black Cardamom and Stem Ginger Pork Fillet

Charred Ruby Oink Grapefruit, Black Cardamom and Stem Ginger Pork Fillet 
6 Large Ruby Pink Grapefruit 
3 Large Baack Cardamom 
3 Stem Gingers chopped 
Zest and juice of a Fresh lemon juice
3 tbs of Stem Ginger Juice out of the jar
60 gms of Maple Syrup or 150gms of Sugar
1 Knob of Butter 
1/2 Bottle of Pectin  
1 Pork fillet 
Side of Greens 
Makes 2 x 0.25 or Medium Bottle 
Chargrill your grapefruit and set aside in a bowl with a plate to cover. Cool in the fridge overnight and let the smoke develop and equalise. 
Following day juice the fruit, combine the juice into a heavy bottom pan with cardamom, maples syrup, lemon zest, lemon juice, chopped stem ginger, stem ginger juice. Starting with 1 tsp of Ras el Hanout. Adjust up to 3 tsp depending on your individual taste. Bring to a rolling boil till all the sugar has dissolved and the flavours have infused and reduce down to a medium simmer for 10 minutes, stiring constanly to prevent scorchin. Reach a Temprature of 104c and then take off the heat and stir in the pectin along with a knob of butter to prevent bubbling.  
Pour into sterilised jars or bottles, leave 1/4 inch head space at the top and seal shut.  Pop them into a half filled pan of boiling water for 10 minutes and them leave them to cool.  They should be stored in a darkk place and will last for up to a year.  Place in fridge once opened. 
Fillet of Pork was reverse seared to an internal temperature of 63c or 145f. Rested for 10 minutes and Sauce poured over.. Serves with a side of Green  

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