Crispy Mexican Fish Tacos

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Crispy Mexican Fish Tacos

Let’s Taco about Tacos! In an ideal world we’d eat tacos every day. This version of the taco is filled with crispy fish and a super fresh slaw made from all sorts of goodness. Smother this is garlic butter mayo and you have a sharing platter of tacos that is not really for sharing.

We don’t share tacos.


Crispy Mexican Fish Tacos
Serves 2
Cooking time 1 hour


  • 2 Fillets Haddock cut into goujons - we got ours from local seafood co, Amity Fish, who deliver across the UK.

For the batter

  • 1 Cup self-raising flour
  • 1 Cup plain flour
  • 2 Tsp corn flour
  • 1 Cup Plain flour for initial coating
  • 2 Tsp A&O Mexican Seasoning
  • Enough cold water to make a consistency like thick double cream.


  • ½ Green/white cabbage
  • ¼ Red Cabbage
  • 1 Small can Sweet corn
  • 5 x Padron peppers
  • 1 x Red Bell pepper
  • 50g pack Coriander leaf
  • 2 x Limes, juiced
  • Salt and pepper to season. 1 tsp Olive oil.

 Garlic Butter Mayo


  • Slice the haddock fillet into goujons about 3-inch long and place into a bowl of plain flour seasoned with Mexican rub (1 cup flour and 2 tsp Mexican rub), and coat the fish well. 
  • Set up a big bowl and add the plain and self-raising flours with the corn flour. Add in some cold water and whisk until the consistency is similar to double cream.
  • Heat the fryer to 170c and dredge the fish into the batter. Fry until golden.
  • Make the slaw by finely shredding the ingredients. Use a mandolin if you have one but watch those fingers!
  • Mix the finely shredded ingredients together with lime juice
  • To 1 cup mayonnaise add 2 tsp A&O Garlic Butter rub and mix thoroughly.
  • Warm the tacos, add the fried fish and slaw. Dip the taco in the garlic butter and salivate down your entire face.
  • Want more tacos.

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