Mincemeat Cake

Mincemeat Cake

Mincemeat Cake
If you are not a big fan of the traditional fruit Christmas cake, you might like this spiced Mincemeat Cake. It's a lightly spiced sponge cake with a sprinkling of Meat Tinsel and a surprise pocket of delicious mincemeat in the middle. The spices in the rub add lovely flavours of cinnamon, ground ginger, allspice and a little chilli to make a delicious festive cake.  You could also make individual cakes in pastry cases, just cook for less time. It would make about 12. 

What to do:

Put all the ingredients into a bowl, except the mincemeat, and whisk with an electric mixer for about 2-3 minutes until well blended.  I used a 17cm diameter bundt tin to bake it in but you could use a small round baking tin.

Grease the tin well with butter and put in about two thirds of the mixture. Make a little dent in the mixture with a back of a teaspoon and into this trough, carefully spoon in your mincemeat.  Cover it with the rest of the cake mixture and bake in your bbq or oven  - indirect heat about 160C - for about 40 minutes until cooked - when it is lightly coloured on top and the sponge is coming away from the edge of the tin.  If baking in a domestic oven, cook for about 30 minutes fan assist.  Insert a skewer into the sponge and if it comes out clean, it's cooked. (making an allowance for the mincemeat in the middle). Leave to cool and carefully invert the sponge onto a plate.  Drizzle over the glaze icing and decorate as you like. Delicious with a festive tipple or a cup of tea.  You could dust the cake with icing sugar and serve it with custard or cream. 


175g Self Raising Flour      

175g softened unsalted butter                             

100g soft light brown sugar    

2 tablespoons Meat Tinsel rub     

3 eggs                                   

Grated zest of an orange    

150g mincemeat                 

Icing sugar to make glaze icing for decoration

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