Phil's BBQ Pork Ribs

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Phil's BBQ Pork Ribs

Phil from Love2BBQ did an epic job of these BBQ Pork ribs using our The General Rub & Pitboss BBQ Sauce

Here Phil talks us through how to get the perfect ribs on his bullet smoker.

  1. An hour before you want to cook, get the ribs out of the fridge and remove the membrane from the ribs. 
  2. Spritz the ribs with some cider vinegar on both sides, then sprinkle both sides with your favourite rub (I used ’The General’). Put to one side whilst you prepare your smoker.
  3. I have a Weber Smoker Mountain (WSM) 47cm and tend to start my cooks at 225°F / 107°C. I cook with Lumpwood Charcoal and try to use the big pieces from the bag to do slow cooks.
  4. Once ready to cook I place the ribs on the top rack. I’ll also add 4 wood chunks at this point. My favourite is cherry mainly for the colour it imparts into whatever I am cooking. Depending on the smoke and colour and may add a couple more through the first 3 hours of cooking.
  5. In terms of cook times I typically will go for 3 hours unwrapped, 2 wrapped and then 30 minutes off the smoker but leave the ribs in the foil to rest.
  6. During the initial 3 hours I will check the ribs to make sure they are cooking ok and will spritz them as I go.
  7. Shortly before the unwrapped 3 hours is up, I will prepare my BBQ Sauce. I put equal measures of the BBQ Sauce (for this one I used a Black Garlic BBC Sauce) and Cider Vinegar into a saucepan and warm through. 
  8. I also prepare my foil and then take the ribs off at 3 hours. I will put some of the BBQ Sauce/Cider Vinegar mixture onto the foil and place the ribs on top. I will then pour some over the ribs and just work it over them with my hands before wrapping them tightly.
  9. The ribs then go back on the smoker for a further 2 hours before taking them off and allowing them to rest for 30 minutes before unwrapping. I will also get the liquid that has accumulated in the foil and pour over the ribs.

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