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A definite add to Easter feasting list for us, let us know if you try it too! 

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Intro, recipe and photography courtesy of our friends Michelle & Lesley @ Lost in Food A couple of weeks ago Michelle ordered some sauces and rubs from Angus & Oink (if you haven’t tried them yet please do as they are seriously tasty). In the box they very kindly sent her a bar of their “Popping Candy Chilli Fudge Chocolate”, the result of partnership between Angus & Oink and Cocoa Ooze. Now this chocolate packs a proper hit of chilli, so often lacking in chilli chocolate. It got me thinking about how we could incorporate this into a recipe. I make a very good salted caramel chocolate mousse, or at least my friends all tell me its good and there is never any leftover. I got to thinking that the salted caramel would work well with the fieriness of the chilli and the bitterness from dark chocolate. The result is a decadent adult dessert which has been given a big thumbs up by both our husbands (even my own who claims he’s not got a sweet tooth!).

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