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It's a Spice Bag, but not as you know it! Spice bags are hugely popular in Ireland, and is inspired by chinese takeaway cuisine. Here's one we made in Scotland how's that for fusion! Typically, a spice bag consists of fried salt &chilli chips, chicken (usually shredded, occasionally fried, peppers, sliced chillies and fried onions and a good sprinkle of spices - which is where we come in!

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Korean BBQ Gochujang Fried Chicken  I know it’s deep fried but you can also use an Air Fryer Ingredients  6 Chicken Thighs or 3 Smashed Breasts 250g of Self Raising Flour  100g of Corn Flour  2 tsp of Baking Powder 1 tsp of Garlic Powder  3 tbs of Gochujang Paste  3 tbs of A&O Korean BBQ Seasoning  Sparking Water  Glug of Vodka  Spring Onions  Crispy Chilli  Sesame Oil  Sesame seeds Method Take each chicken thigh, lightly coat the chicken with sesame oil and sprinkle front and back with A&O Korean BBQ Seasoning. Set aside to marinate for a few hours...

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A few weeks ago we did an Instagram Live cook with our Octane vortex, we showcased how to cook Fried Chicken on the BBQ and since then we've been asked many time for the recipe, s here it is! Korean BBQ Chicken Its unbelievable but you can air fry chicken in the BBQ!! Getting the weber kettle up to 500F + is super easy with our Octane grilling supercharger. Tender on the inside with a cracking crunch on the exterior, coated with sweet & sour sticky Korean bbq sauce, this is a home run for a taste explosion!! What you will need… 1 Kg...

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