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Not so easy to find in the north-east of Scotland, this is a winning recipe to try making your very own Mexican street food favourite, Tamales.

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A classic retro recipe taken to new flavour levels with our Mexican Seasoning. Only a few simple ingredients, minimal effort - maximum enjoyment.

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Lamb Birria This epic “one pot” Mexican Lamb Birria dish combines the spices from the A&O Mexican Rub with Ancho and Guajillo chillies to create a mouthwatering stew. Slowcooked until tender then served in tacos with pickled red onion, radish and sour cream. The problem is, you’ll eat more than Juan.   Cooking Time 3 hours    Ingredients 1kg Lamb, diced 5 tbsp Angus & Oink Mexican Seasoning 400g Chopped Tomatoes 250ml Lager 6 Garlic Cloves 4 dried Ancho Chillies 4 dried Guajillo Chillies Corn Tortillas   Garnish Ideas 1 Red Onion, sliced Radishes Coriander, finely chopped Sour Cream  ...

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