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Noodles in a spicy tom yum broth topped with garlic prawns, soft boiled egg and crispy seaweed.

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We created the Tom Yum seasoning to make it easy for you to create simple easy but very tasty noodle dishes, here Paul has created the delicious looking Ramen dish, which could be topped with any protein of your choice!Tom Yum Noods Ramen1 nest of dry egg noodles or fresh.300 ml of water15g of Tom Yum Noods seasoning1 soft boiled eggSpring onoin Pak choi or sliced greens. Optional extras:Sliced beef brisketMussels or PrawnsBoil a pan of water and add dry noodles ( cook separately so the starch doesnt thicken your broth ) Boil 300ml water with 15g Tom Yum Noods.Simmer...

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