McBrikett Kokoko Eggs 8Kg

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Kokoko eggs. The same Kokoko quality available now in egg briquette form. Somewhat smaller in volume than the classics, but more strongly pressed than ordinary charcoal briquettes, are the new Kokomo eggs.

Kokoko eggs are well suited for all barbecues in which ordinary charcoal briquettes are also used. With Kokoko, you need much less carbon to give the same heat and cooking life as regular charcoal; low escaping parts and a very strong high-carbon content are the basis for a clean and uniform glow at a constant high heat;

Kokoko is completely odourless and smokeless and is suitable even for barbecuing on the balcony thanks to the significantly higher heating value and innovative shape;

Kokoko burns three times longer than wood coal;

The 6% ash confirms its high efficiency and makes cleaning substantially easier;

Seven good reasons to buy Kokoko: environmentally friendly and sustainable, burns three times longer than charcoal, smoke-free and odour-neutral, ideal for the balcony, easy to clean, just 6% ash, saves space in the process of transportation and camp storage, reusable storage.

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