Cold Smoke & Curing Set Up Starter Pack

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The gift for those who have everything! Introduce your dad, brother, son-in-law, grandson, nephew, son (you get the jist) to satisfying hobby of cold smoking. The hobby that grabs your attention after investing some TLC when you serve up home-cured bacon or smoked salmon.

Our kit has everything to get started straight away, including our favourite wood dusts - Beech and Cherry - to pack even more flavour in there.

This all-singing-and-dancing kit has the instructions to help you creates Pastrami, Bacon, Smoked Salmon or Trout and is a sure fire way of hearing rounds of oooo's and aaaa's before and after the cure!

Plus, FREE DELIVERY on all orders to any UK address.

Cold Smoke & Curing set includes:
1 x Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator
1 x Pastrami Rub , 200g
1 x Pastrami Cure
1 x Italian Style Bacon Cure
1 x Beetroot, Orange & Dill Fish Cure
2 x Wood Dusts (Cherry & Beech)
1 x How to guide


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