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If you haven't considered Angus & Oink as part of your Crimbo feast, why not?

Our Christmas Dinner Selection box ensures a taste sensation on the big day, with minimal effort from the cook so you can enjoy the celebrations too.

Sprinkle Lemon Pepper Seasoning into quality sausage meat for an epic stuffing, toss your spuds in Garlic Butter seasoning for the best roasties in the world, ever!

For sugar and spice, and everything nice - Meat Tinsel! It's a game-changes for your Boxing Day Gammon, hams, and even Christmas Puddings.

Not forgetting the festive bird with Feather Duster over the skin before roasting, and a drop of Rampant Angus to the Marie Rose sauce for the Ultimate Prawn Cocktail starter. Ta-Da! Bring a little A&O Festive Fun to your table this Christmas.

For allergen details, please see individual product pages.

Selection box contains:
1 x Lemon Pepper Seasoning, 200g
1 x Garlic Butter Seasoning, 200g
1 x Meat Tinsel Seasoning, 200g
1 x Feather Duster Seasoning, 200g
1 x Rampant Angus Scotch Bonnet Ketchup, 300ml
1 x FREE A&O Xmas recipe booklet

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