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We created this epic seasoning as a collaboration with our great friends at Down The Hatch, Edinburgh.

It's a taste sensation for fries, wedges, nachos, pop-corn and everything else in-between! With savoury rich flavours of garlic butter and bacon, what's not to love?!

Our USA style Fries Seasoning is best applied over hot, freshly cooked fries and tossed well in a bowl before serving. Then prepare to have your world, and your fries, well and truly rocked!

We think you're gonna want to SUPERSIZE ME on this one!

Customer Reviews

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Kinked pipe
Gimme some fries

Wow, tried originally adding to fries during the cook, but tasted so much better when added once cooked, just a little toss, amazing, have since tried with new pots, cooked on bbq, good stuff and enjoyed them cold with a salad for work.

Christopher Parry

How did I manage without this? All fries and wedges get a healthy shake of this. Love it

Angela Gordon
Elevates your chips to the highest level

We just love this flavouring! Really adds flavour to chips and negates the need to use salt or vinegar.

Susan Kirkland

Like this a lot - more importantly, fussy eater O.H. likes it too.

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