Sweet Bones & Butts BBQ Rub

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A tool in the locker for making those bones sing! We worked on Sweet Bones & Butts for over a year, sourcing the best ingredients, balancing flavours, colour and sweetness. Our blend of the finest Maple and Javanese sugars dark richness delivers the caramel of delicious bone candy. 

Awesome on a juicy pork shoulder - cover and leave to marinade all night before smoking. Pair it up with Porky White Chick for added chipotle heat and glaze those ribs with Glazed & Confused for the ultimate prize fighting rack.

Add extra spice from Hot & Hostile, and see our OMG PORK deep penetration meat injection for added flavour and moisture retention.

  • Gluten Free
  • Available in 200g shaker pot, or 1.2Kg pod

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)
Salt, Sugar, Paprika, Black pepper, Celery salt (CELERY), Chili, Nutmeg, Onion granulates, Garlic, turmeric, beetroot powder, Cinnamon, Silicon dioxide (<2%), E621, E631.

Customer Reviews

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Can’t get enough of this

Use this when I cook pulled pork - amazing depth of flavour. Definitely recommended. Works well on chicken too.

Keith Moon
Big Bad Butts!!!

I Tried this rub on pork and chicken after seeing it on YouTube.
It didn’t disappoint, great colour, great flavours and it taste so good.
I Had good compliments from my friends too, they had asked if my ribs come with the coating on them. I almost took all the credit and said i mixed up all the different spices !!! hehehe butts i could'nt do it. Angus & Oink nailed this one!!
I would buy this again.

Emma Wells

Great rub for my ribs

Dane Jones
Amazing stuff

Honestly the best blend of herbs and spices for any meat. Everyday use. Makes meal prep for the week bearable, as I never get bored of it.

Paul Clapham
Wish I had found this sooner

Came across Angus and Oink while looking for a recipe for a pork rub… sweet bones and butts with the vinegar sauce had good reviews so thought I would try it… what a result too had it on a pork shoulder low and slow for pulled pork. Compliments all round from my guests so I pass on my compliments to Angus and Oink well done guys great stuff and will definitely try some of your other stuff too

Customer Reviews

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