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NEW, South American Coffee by Angus & Oink



Founders Scott and Malissa spent over 4 years in South America with work and travelled the region extensively whilst living there. Not only is the continent famed for its’ incredible flavour-packed food, it is also known for its coffee and we fell in love with the rich Columbian coffee. We tried many but became huge fans of Juan Valdez Coffee and Scott struck coffee gold as when he was working in Bogota, the Juan Valdez Coffee Federation was right next door. He didn’t sleep much from then…

Coffee gets us up, it keeps us going,  but we also savour the incredible flavour and tasting notes in the cosy cup, and the memories it conjures. We wanted to bring exactly that to the UK and so, the adventure of South American flavours continues.

We are excited to launch our brand-new quality coffee line, COFFEE FEDERATION.

Scott has spent months personally working on our new coffee range to develop and create the best South American Coffee he’s ever had in the UK, and we are launching with two blends – Columbian, and Peruvian & Honduran, which is FAIRTRADE and Organic certified.  

Know a South American foodie fan? Why not put together some goodies as tasty stocking fillers this would go great with our South America Box



Growing Altitude 1100-2000m

100% Arabica blend of pure single-origin Colombian beans.

Renowned for its aroma this is a full-bodied coffee, with bright, fruity flavours, a slight nuttiness and caramel sweetness.

Ground coffee suitable for cafetière.



Peruvian & Honduran Blend


Growing altitude 1100-2000m

100% Arabica blend of Peruvian and Honduran coffee beans, slow roasted to give a smooth finish.

A clean, full-bodied cup of java, with a fruity, nutty and almost spicy flavour.

Ground coffee suitable for cafetière


pack contains one of each variety, why not add one of our A&O mugs for the ultimate A&O cup of Joe!




Customer Reviews

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Heather Colbourn
So impressed with this coffee

This coffee was ace and better than expected - will buy it again when we put in another order :)