Big K Coconut Shell Briquettes 4kg

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Looking for the ultimate barbecue briquette? Look no further.

Big K’s Coconut Shell Briquette is a seriously high performance briquette. With a cooking time of up to 3 hours and high heat output, this briquette is up to the task no matter what you’re cooking. It’s extremely quick and easy to light, too, so there’s less waiting around to get up to temperature.

Plus, this timber free product is made entirely from sustainable sources. It’s manufactured by carbonising waste coconut shells, creating consistently sized briquettes that are ideal for every barbecue.

Try Big K’s Coconut Shell Briquette today for an impressively good briquette that’s great for the planet.

Please note all cooking times are approximate and depend on a range of factors, including quantity of charcoal and type of barbecue used, lighting method and weather conditions.


  • High quality briquette produced from waste coconut shell
  • Great performance with up to 3 hours cooking time
  • Super quick and easy to light
  • Low smoke, low odour
  • High heat output
  • Timber free product made from sustainable sources

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