Feuerhand Pyron Plate

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Pyron goes Plancha! The Pyron Plate turns your Feuerhand Pyron into a cooking station. The solid steel plate allows you to use the heat from below to roast all the aromatic food you desire. The plate is slightly arched to prevent your food from falling over the edge. The cooking support in the center prevents eggs, sausages and Co. from sliding into the fire.

More than BBQ: Cooking on the Pyron

The cooking support in the center of the plate is a stable stand for pots, kettles and boilers which allows you to use the heat from the Pyron to prepare entire dishes for you and your friends on the Pyron Plate. Thanks to the large openings, the unrestricted ventilation will promote the fire even with cookware placed on the cooking support. The opening in the center of the support also allows you to safely add wood during use. The three-armed support frame will safely hold the Pyron Plate on the Pyron.

Please read the provided User Manual carefully before the first use.