PetroMax Cast Iron Stack Grate

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Pile it on and save space! The large brother of the Stack Grate gr-s is not only of the well known cast-iron quality and durability but also provides a working surface well 2.3 inch larger than before. As insert in the Dutch Oven from size ft12, the large Stack Grate gr-s30 lets you prepare your meat with crispy crust, without coming in contact with the stock. The gr-s30 enables you to juicily smoke even large pieces of meat in the Dutch Oven.

There’s room for more

Thanks to the clever indentions, the large Stack Grate can be stacked up with grates of the same size as well as the smaller gr-s. This provides a variety of possibilities to cook, grill, steam and smoke, allowing you to provide for many hungry campfire guests at the same time.

An option for every option

Above all, the large Stack Grate gr-s30 is versatile. Besides its combinability with Dutch Ovens from ft12, it is perfectly suited to grill directly in the ember. With its three solid feet, it is stable on almost any ground and can be stacked or used as heat-proof base.