PetroMax Dutch Over FT9 with flat base

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Petromax Dutch Ovens are made in Germany and offer superior quality and durability. 

Made from Cast Iron and are pre seasoned. 

The Dutch Ovens feature a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or platter and had small handles on each side. The lid has feet so when upturned it sits level without tipping over. The lid can therefore be used to cook in, such as eggs, bacon, all sorts!

The lid is also rimmed to allow you to put hot coals on the top to make it a proper Dutch camping oven! 

The lids and pot design has a small hole to allow for the steam to escape and this can be easily opened/ closed by rotating the lid. They come with a wire handle to allow it to be hung over a fire.

The FT 9:

  • Material: cast iron
  • Persons: 8-14
  • Capacity pot (max.): 7.5 litre(s)
  • Capacity lid (max.): 1.5 litre(s)