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6 of our hottest and best-selling full size seasonings and sauces, in one epic gift set selection box, PLUS FREE DELIVERY to your door. 

Are you brave enough to take on the Authentic Nashville Extra Hot Seasoning – which nearly broke us in Nashville?! Or layer the flavour on wings, thighs, and drumsticks with our hot Buffalo Chicken Wings Seasoning and Wing sauce spiked with fiery Sriracha! Shake on Jerk Seasoning BBQ Rub to your favourite pork or chicken cut – even a juicy King Prawn – and dunk in West Indian sweet mango and spicy Congo pepper sauce, she’s a feisty sunshine yellow hot sauce of dreams! Not forgetting Louisiana style Habanero Chilli BBQ Sauce. It goes with and on everything and has been with us on this flavour journey since the beginning of time.

Why not send a Valentine’s Day present direct and drop us an email to add a gift message, just think of us as Cupid with chilli pepper wings!

For allergen details, please see individual product pages.

Selection Box contains: 
1 x Hella Nashty Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning, 200g
1 x Exodust Caribbean Jerk Seasoning, 200g
1 x Buffalo Soldier Chicken Wing Seasoning, 200g 
1 x Red Dawg Apache, Chilli BBQ Sauce, 
1 x Impressive Rooster Bufallo Sriracha Sauce
1 x Voodo Mango Spicy Pepper Sauce

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Lee Jamieson

Everything I've bought from these guys has been really good quality. The price seems higher until you think about it and compare it to the small lower quality seasonings you can by everywhere.