Southern Dutch BBQ - A Pinch of Heat 454g

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We believe a rub is not limited to one or two types of protein. That’s why we have developed this All Purpose Rub. Inspired by years of competiting in barbecue with competitions all over Europe and the US, we have commercially developed this flavour, which brought us dozens of trophies. The flavour profile of this rub can be described as a savoury rub with a nice kick in the end. This barbecue seasoning works perfect on all your cuts of beef and pork.

Even on chicken this rub works perfect, but watch out you don’t make it too spicy! The bottle contains 1 lbs / 454 gram of this beautiful rub, which is an average of 50% more than most of the rubs on the market. That’s how we make sure you don’t run out too soon.

  • Gluten Free
  • 454g

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