All you need to know about Mexican Paletas!

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All you need to know about Mexican Paletas!

What are Mexican Paletas?

Pronounced pah. - leh. – tah, Paletas are a Mexican Ice Lolly or Popsicle, but bigger and considered the gourmet ice lolly of the frozen treat world, made with fresh, quality ingredients. That bit is important because there are so few of them.

Mexican Paleta with Strawberry and Lemon Pepper Salt seasonings


What are Mexican Paletas made from?

Usually made from fresh natural, seasonal fruits, they are incredibly versatile and can be made into more indulgent creamy versions and even filled versions. Think strawberry and mango or rich, creamy Belgian Chocolate filled with Dulce De Leche. The options are endless, and we know you’ll have fun creating your own favourite “blends”.

Are Paletas easy to make?

A Mexican Paletas packs a real punch in the flavour profile and how to make a paleta could not be easier. At its simplest, simmer fruit with some sugar and citrus, blend, pour into moulds and freeze for a refreshing frozen treat!  

Jay Porter shared her recipes in our closed group on Facebook, A+O Federation, and when we saw those vibrant colours, the creativity in the flavours and just how amazing they all looked, we had to share these far + wide, so a big thank you to Jay for sharing her unreal flavour bombs and for using our seasonings in such a unique, tasty way. If you don’t make this over the summer, there’s legit something wrong with you!

Paleta Ingredients

Ok, back to the Paleta’s. Most of the Paletas have the same basic ingredients, but Jay did tell us that she quickly roasted some fruits to release the natural flavours, like pineapple and mango, as that slightly charred tinge gives a delicious bitter hit for our taste buds, but you might prefer not to do that – make it your way.

Do Paleta's need Maple Syrup or sugar?

Some Paletas recipes have maple syrup for sweetness, but not a lot as Jay finds the natural sugars in the fruit is enough. But like everything, adjust to suit your taste! You can swap Maple Syrup for sugar syrup or simple caster sugar, but Jay prefers to keep it as possible and finds that maple brings out the flavours of the fruit and tones down the tartness of some fruit, such as the rhubarb.

Add your seasonings slowly!

When adding the seasonings and spices, go slowly. And half a teaspoon or a teaspoon at a time, taste and add more to what you enjoy! Stronger, hotter? Keep adding until you’re happy. It’s easy to add, but not so easy to take out.  

What moulds do Paleta's need?

Paletas Moulds can be purchased from Amazon, and Jay recommends ensuring you choose food safe silicon that stack up so they take up less room in your freezer drawer. You can also purchase Paletas Sleeves from Amazon too, so you can store your freshly made Mexican Paletas safely in your freezer out of the mould.

Rainbow of Mexican Paletas in sleeves stored in the freezer

Now you should be ready to make your own Paletas, so try Jay's recipes here! 

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