Angus & Oink, raising HELL for Mexico 

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Angus & Oink, raising HELL for Mexico 

Help us bring authentic and additive free sauces to the nation with our exciting range of hot sauces especially made for you!

Angus & Oink is raising £5000 to boost production capabilities of our super sauce and also to bring a new Mexican product to market allowing us to take the authentic flavours inspired by the Southern US & South America to a wider audience and please mouths along the way.

What's up at Angus & Oink..?

We hope to grow Angus & Oink and develop a range of sauces and seasonings that reflect authentic flavours and recipes from the homes of BBQ the world over, but we’ll start in the Southern Americas! We’ll grow our real food and drink range and deliver on our promise of natural flavour and colour with a kick! “Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat Me” as we say! Within 2 years, we have developed our products and started selling them to a range of 25 outlets around our area of NE Scotland. We’re now looking to take the brand nationally and indeed internationally. Our Voodoo Mango sauce won a Great Taste Award 2016 and great reviews from chefs and bloggers continue. Its time you tasted our sauce!

The part you can play to help us!

We’ll use our funding target to help us upscale production so we can make more tasty sauce and get it to you! If we raise way more than our target we’ll use the funds to get our own facility, because working from home has its limitations! Here's a breakdown of how we would use the funding:
  • Production costs for three types of our super tasty sauces: £3300
  • Printing costs (10000 labels): £1000
  • New product development: £200
  • Art work development: £500
We will give an update every week on our funding project via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hope you guys support us in bringing some amazing flavours to the tables of the UK!


We are offering some amazingly tasty sauces that are developed from experiences in Mexico, Trinidad and Louisiana! We’re able to give you our passion in a bottle in return for a small contribution. In addition, we have some rather nifty products that we can add to the mix and give you some serious reward credit!


What can you do with your sauces? Once you get the bottle in the privacy of your own home, the choice is yours! We have some awesome recipes on our web site and continuously work with great bloggers to produce more tasty treats all the time from bbq and southern American inspiration. Our sauces are great on the side, in a sandwich, over nachos or to perk up the usual dinner time! Cook, dip, marinade or as we say... "Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat ME!"  


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