Cate In The Kitchen Reviews Angus & Oink

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Cate In The Kitchen Reviews Angus & Oink

Written by CateInTheKitchen You might remember that a little while ago I tried a pretty cool chilli subscription box named Lick My Dip, check out that post here if your memory is terrible or you’re new. Anyway, in that subscription box was Angus and Oink’s VOODOO MANGO sauce which I loved so, being an Internet person, I told ’em so on Twitter. They wanted to see what I made of the rest of their range and here we are. They’ve got 4 sauces in total, and they’re all pretty damn good so I’m gonna go through them one by one. As with most of my reviews, these bottles have been knocking about for a few weeks so that I can really get a feel for em.

Voodoo Mango

This one is the first sauce I tried, the gateway sauce if you will. The gang at A&O reckon this is lush with fish tacos (slapping self on wrist because I only just remembered this and forgot to ever try it) but I particularly like it on scrambled eggs. I feel like it would be pretty dang good with Indian food too, and I’m pretty sure The Chilli Geeks used it on noodles.

Rampant Angus

I think this one is my favourite of the whole gang, I love ketchup with more foods than I’ll ever dare tell you. This isn’t going to replace Heinz in my fridge door but it’s not trying to, it’s bringing something entirely different to the table. It’s great with potato wedges and it’s really cool to have a ketchup that’s got real flavour and a proper kick. I definitely recommend this to red sauce lovers who can handle a condiment with a little less sugar.

Pitboss BBQ

Very much like the ketchup, this isn’t going to replace the big brand that I always have to hand but, again, it’s hardly even in the same category. It’s got a great smoky flavour and you can taste the real ingredients that are packed in there, I loved it.

Red Dawg Apache

I get the feeling that this is A&O’s most popular/famous sauce, and for good reason. It’s an awesome hot sauce. It’s got a very real and very deep flavour and I will definitely be recommending this far and wide. Aside from the taste of their products, I really, really love A&O’s branding. I mean, the bottles are pretty cool, right? I often find chilli product packaging to be a little bit too death metal for me (is that just me?) but these guys have nailed it.

They’ve also got a decent presence on social media, make sure you check ’em out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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