Getting to know Miss Piggy's BBQ Team

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Getting to know Miss Piggy's BBQ Team

Miss Piggy's BBQ Team is a competitive ‘U.S.A.’ style BBQ team based in Leicestershire U.K. They are Twice European Champions, UK BBQA Champions,  3 times British BBQ Champions and IBQN European Champions. They are also first winners and twice winners of the European BBQ Challenge Cup. Also the first team to win KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) Grand Championships in 9 different countries (5 being inside one year). In 2015 they also became the first non U.S./Canadian team to enter the highly prestigious KCBS 700 club.

[caption id="attachment_20507" align="alignnone" width="296"]Miss Piggies at The Jack Miss Piggies at The Jack[/caption]

In 2016 they became the first non U.S./Canadian  team to win a KCBS full sanctioned contest in the U.S.A. Miss Piggy's BBQ Team have won awards in 8 different states of America across 3 different sanctioning bodies. They were also the highest placed International team at the Jack Daniels World Championships 2012 and 2nd placed International team in 2015, with a 3rd place chicken and 8th place brisket, which was also awarded top International brisket. Also the only U.K. or European team to appear on U.S. hit T.V. show BBQ Pitmasters!!!

Angus & Oink work closely with Scott & Lyndz Lane of Miss Piggy's BBQ Team to develop some of our Meat Co Lab products, also blending and producing the Cow Pat and brand new Burro's Bite rubs for Miss Piggy's brand Pig Swill.

A&O have travelled to Europe with the team and had the priveledge of attedning a school run by Scott and Lyndz about competition BBQ for KCBS. There is afast growing and competitive scene on the KCBS circuit with competitions all over Europe and the UK.

[caption id="attachment_20506" align="alignnone" width="369"]Miss Piggys BBQ School in Germany Miss Piggys BBQ School in Germany[/caption]

This year will see the first KCBS comp in Scotland at The Brave Fires of Scotland in Aberlour on 5-6th May Scott & Lyndz also run the Brew n Que event at Burton Upon Trent 26th May - 27th May Come along and see the best teams in Europe compete over two days at the Champion of Champion's League of BBQ!!!

Check out this Interview Podcast run by the guys at United Q

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