Introducing Sweet Bones & Bacon to support Rob's 36 hour live cook in aid of Narcolepsy UK

Introducing Sweet Bones & Bacon to support Rob's 36 hour live cook in aid of Narcolepsy UK

When our Ambassador Rob Stevens got in touch to let us know he was planning to do a live cook on his BBQ's for 36 hours in aid of a charity very close to his heart we knew we wanted to get behind him and support him with this awesome challenge!

As well as joining in with Rob through the 36 hours we will also be releasing a very limited edition rub of Sweet Bones & Bacon, 50% of the sale of each Rub will go to Rob's fundraising page!

Rob's daughter, Charlotte (8), was diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy in 2020. This is a chronic neurological condition which results in altered sleep patterns causing her to feel extremely sleepy every day. Narcolepsy UK is a charity that has helped us come to terms with this condition as well as offering valuable advice in terms of medication and educational support and ultimately help Charlotte lead as normal a life as possible.

Rob is planning to hold a 36 hour live barbecue starting on 19th March. He has chosen to do this over 36 hours because it is said that a person with Narcolepsy feels as though they have been awake for 36 hours every single day.

"Narcolepsy UK is a little charity with a big heart and even bigger plans."

Narcolepsy UK provide much needed help and support in many forms to people who have Narcolepsy and their families. From providing increased recognition of the condition to help with diagnosis to providing support and advice on day to day living with the condition. As well as striving to raise as much awareness as possible for Narcolepsy and Cataplexy.

Please head to their website for more information: Narcolepsy UK


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