Our Hot & Fast Brisket in 5 & 1/2 hours

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Our Hot & Fast Brisket in 5 & 1/2 hours

To create this beauty we started with a wonderful 6KG 1953 Brisket from our butcher John Davidson. The Sau Paulo 1953 is the ultimate Full Packer Brisket aimed to rival the might of the North American USDA Prime counterpart. This is specifically produced, grass fed beef, finished on a 200 day Grain diet.


First things first we fired up the Kamado Joe and got to work trimming the brisket. We added good quality lump wood charcoal to the KJ, enough for a 6-8hr cook.

 The Kamado was set up with both deflector plates above the charcoal so to limit radiant heat. We added 5 chunks of hickory and 5 chunks of cherry wood to the charcoal, scattered about so they smouldered away.

  • We took the deckle off the side of the brisket. This is the long clod of fat that runs along pretty much the full length of the brisket. We then cross hatched the remaining fat pocket between the flat and the point to the depth of about 2 inches to allow this to render more quickly with a shorter cook. 
  • The top side was a 5 minute trim of the larger fat coverage, removing any ’silver skin" and larger fat covered area. Not exposing any actual meat. Most of this will render away, even on the shorter hotter cook. But even if it doesn’t, it can be much more easily trimmed after cooking. 
  • The other side was all good for applying rub, very clean of sinew and fat for getting the meat on the cooker lickety split. 
  • We coated it in Black Gold x Black pepper, left to soak in for about 15 mins and then popped it on the Kamado. The brisket was smoked at 300-320F with hickory chunks & cherry chunks for 2 hrs until we had a nice formation of a bark with the seasoning being embedded onto the meat well. The meat was then really tightly wrapped in costco foil*. The tight wrap limits any steam.
  • After another 2.5 hrs the meat Probed 95-96C throughout. We then Vented the foil (opened slightly) to firm up the bark for another 30 mins and rested 30 mins to equalise the heat and allow the meat too relax. 
  • The brisket sliced amazing well on the flat with nice pencil thick slices. The point end was sliced and cubed, super juicy and falling apart.
    *accept no substitutes




  • James

    Cant beat the briskets from John Davidson, everyone i have purchased has been a dream to smoke and they are all done Hot and Fast. Best Way. Great job here, that brisket looks immense. I have the bug now.

  • Si McInerney

    Going to give this a go.

    and Costco!

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