Rubs: A 'how to' guide

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Rubs: A 'how to' guide

How to use rubs

WE LOVE A NICE SPICY RUB! ....But we get asked a lot how to use them in cooking so here goes!

We’ve made two rubs so far. Call them seasonings, dusts or rubs, same darn thing. It’s a mix of flavour, a canister of super tang, a smack of the essence all ready to explore in your kitchen.

Dust on chickenIn its simplest form, shake the seasoning onto meat. It can’t be that easy??? Hell yes it is! Take a simple chicken breast and give it a light coating of olive oil and dust the meat with about one tsp of The General BBQ Rub. This can now go straight in the oven and cook as you would a normal chicken breast. When it comes out, it is no longer a mere piece of chicken but now transformed into flavour bursting South West BBQ chicken. Get it sliced up and into a wrap or serve up with some sweetcorn, coleslaw and a baked potato! 

We use our General on loads of great recipes from adding a depth of spice & smoke to a chilli, sprinkling over nachos, topping off macaroni cheese. It’s a great seasoning for finishing a steak off on the grill or even a simple hamburger! We rub our ribs and pork shoulder in the The General before we stick them in the smoker! 

RibsFor our ribs, take a pork rib rack and follow the same technique. A little olive oil, and an even shake of our BBQ rub over the rack on both sides. Place the ribs on a baking tray in the oven or smoker and watch for a nice colouration of golden bark to form after about 2hrs at 200C. Once we get the colour, simply wrap the ribs in foil, adding in a little apple juice to help the tenderisation process. Cook a further 2 hrs, then unwrap for another 20min. You can glaze the ribs up with one of our sauces to finish the job.

Mr Rubba Rubba is a great herby addition to the kitchen larder. Its based on the flavours of New Orleans, Louisiana and Creole cooking. We dust this onto fish fillets and blacken them in the pan, or onto salmon fillets and cook them under the grill. The flavours you get from the rub compliment fish so well with herb, lemon, fennel and a little jalapeño spike of heat.

PorkTry Mr Rubba Rubba on a roast chicken or pork chops and you’ll get a delicious and zesty aroma coming out of the oven. Make sure its cooked before you get carried away! Add the seasoning to shrimp and veggies or just plain roast up some vegetables in the oven with a dusting of this stuff for major flavour improvements!

Our rubs and seasonings just add bags of flavour from the South West of the USA or from Creole cooking. If you want to raise your meal times up a notch, give our rubs a try and bang in some serious satisfaction. You can shop for them right here. Enjoy! 

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