The Humble Pumpkin

The Humble Pumpkin

Ahh the humble pumpkin. Mostly thought of for Halloween décor, we're more content eating them.

With so many of us trying to reduce food waste, we have come up with some ideas and ways to use the pumpkin rather than just discarding all that tasty goodness!

Why not slice into pieces and cover with Harissa seasoning and roast with red onions, carrots or any other veg you have lying around needing to be used up, until soft, then blend with your choice of stock for a quick, easy and tasty soup.

Alternatively, serve the roasted pumpkin with warm with salad leaves, croutons and your favourite soft cheese.

 Or you could try our Pumpkin cake recipe which can be found here!

Or if you prefer something a bit more savoury how about our pumpkin hummus and breadsticks, or some beautifully roasted and toasted Texas Pumpkin seeds


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