The McScottyBab and other epic cooks from the weekend

The McScottyBab and other epic cooks from the weekend

This weekend in celebration of Burns Night we cooked up The McScottyBab, our ambassadors also created some amazing dishes, here we recap some of our favourites!


The McScottyBab

A twist on the old favourite, we used 50/50 Haggis and Lamb Mince in this with a touch of our Texas Steak seasoning, we smoked it on our KJ over Cherry wood. Once done we sliced it and popped it into a pitta and added some Red Dawg, and pickled neep (swede) and made an awesome slaw with added neep and our prototype Ranch seasoning!

The McScottyBab

Sue Stonemans Za'atar Leeks

A super tasty idea for a veggie side dish using Za'atar rub. This is leeks gratinee! Roast your chosen veg (in this case leeks)in a little oil and a sprinkle of Za'atar rub. While they still have a bite to them, sprinkle on a mix of breadcrumbs, grated cheese and a tablespoon of Za'atar rub and place on top of the veg. Continue cooking til the cheese melts and breadcrumbs brown. Would even work well in a bechamel sauce - in a lasagne. Cooked in my Kamado Joe indirect 150C. 🔥


Za'atar Leeks

Kev's Korean Pork Carnitas

Korean pork carnitas. Is that how you do fusion?
Using the last of some leftover smoked pork I watered down some Korean bbq sauce to braise the pork roll it was super tender. Served just as it was starting to catch. 
Home made tacos using Korean rub to season. This was bloomin tasty. Reckon I’m onto something here.

Korean Pork Carnitas

Bill's Spinning Sriracha Chicken

Bill has been road testing our prototype Sriracha rub and gave us this immense looking Rotisserie chicken, just look at the colour of that beauty!

Sriracha Chicken

Roberto's Big Phat Greek Belly

Roast Pork belly, smoked with Apple wood 👍🔥🔥
I coated the skin with salt and left in the fridge (uncovered) to air dry.
Today I got the KJ to around 220c, indirect (With the deflector plates in place. I cooked the pork at temp for around 1hr.
When the hour was up, I took the pork out and lowered the temp to around 140c. Whilst waiting for the temp to drop, I mixed a blend of Angus and Oink Big Phat Greek and Garlic Butter rub and applied to the meat. On the skin, I added some Salt crack blue Persian salt. When the KJ hit the desired temp, I put the pork back on for a slower cook until the pork hit an internal temp of around 93c checking resistance with a good old cocktail stick method and allowed it to rest!
(Please note, the temps were grill not dome temps)
A little tip, tap dry the skin every half an hour with kitchen roll to help with all above methods to create the perfect crackling
Big Phat Greek Pork Belly
Neil's Sri Lankan Goat Curry
The night before, I put a load of Goat meat in a tray from “Cabrito goat meat” and dusted it lightly with the new Prototype from A&O .... “Sri Lankan”. Cling film overnight in the fridge. Then today I put a load of finely chopped Onion into the cast iron pot and put it in the Frontier. About a pint of Veg stock went in and followed that with the Goat meat, after a couple of hours I tipped in a small can of Coconut Milk, some sliced Baby Potatoes and stirred it all together.
I then fashioned some home made Naan Breads with Kaloonji Seeds in them and let the dough proof. Rice was prepared and into that went thinly sliced Garlic, Chopped Apricot and Spring Onion. Mediterranean veg was thrown in the Smoker at some point and then finished off on the Cast Iron.
Naan Breads were dry fried in a paella pan until they puffed up (about 3 minutes per side) and then placed in the oven to keep warm. Rice was plated up, Veg was placed, Curry was perched aloft, Naans were herded into place, a bottle of A&O “Easy Life” IPA Beer was opened and a quick random dolloping of Natural Yogurt mixed with A&O “Za’atar” to complete the picture. A thoroughly splendid way to spend a Saturday evening, hit all the marks for me and I am very happy with that.
Neils Sri Lankan Goat Curry
Rob's MacDaddy Burger
Stepping up to the plate with my first Angus & Oink offering.

I’m calling this the Mac daddy burger.

•Single smashed burger with Montreal Steak seasoning
•melted cheddar
•sautéed onions with MacDaddy seasoning.
•homemade brioche
Robs Macdaddy burger

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