Buffalo Sriracha Ranch Wings

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Buffalo Sriracha Ranch Wings

Buffalo Sriracha Ranch Wings
These wings are a take on a recipe I was told about a few years ago, that I absolutely loved, which used just 2 pantry ingredients for the marinade. I think that my tweak of that recipe using Angus & Oink’s Impressive Rooster sauce, Ranch seasoning and fresh buttermilk has just taken them to a whole new level!
This is such an easy recipe to make, can be prepped 24 hours in advance and is a real crowd pleaser. Angus & Oink have done all the hard work here, so you don’t have to.
Zero effort, maximum flavour.
Give it a go! Kel x
Makes enough marinade for up to 2 kilos of chicken wings.
Prep - 5 minutes
Marinade time - up to 24 hours
Cook time - approximately 1 hour.
1 - 2 kilos of chicken wings
150ml Buttermilk
Add the sauce, buttermilk and ranch reasoning to a bowl and mix well. Place the wings in a zip-lock bag or large bowl, combine the chicken with the marinade and mix well to coat. Refrigerate for 24 hours (minimum of 4).
Cook on the BBQ, indirect, at about 200°C for around an hour. The wings benefit from a brief flash over direct heat to get those lovely gnarly bits.
They don’t need any pretty herby sprinkles or drizzles… but some sriracha mayo and freshly chopped coriander are a great little addition to serve.

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  • Adele Stewart

    Amazing recipe, I made chicken skewers with the leftover marinade as only did 1 kg of wings and the family loved it!

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