Giant Smoked Scotch Eggs

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Giant Smoked Scotch Eggs

Prep Time: 0.20 Hours
Total Time: 1.20 Hours
Servings: 4 Person(s)

4 large, free range eggs
8 – 10 of your favourite sausages (I used A&O’s Kielbasa)
4 thick slices of your favourite black pudding (I used my butcher’s own)
16 slices of dry cured, smoked bacon
A few tbsp of your favourite rub
A few tbsp of your favourite BBQ sauce for glazing
Some cling film for shaping your sausage meat

Prepare your eggs.  If you want a hard boiled egg, pop them in simmering water for 10 minutes, remove and place in a bowl of iced water to chill completely before peeling.  If you’d like a runny yolk repeat as above but reduce the time to about 6 minutes.  Take care when peeling, as the eggs will be delicate, and you don’t want to lose that yolk! I used 2 large sausages per egg as the kielbasa I use are huge, but depending on the size of yours you may need a bit more.  It works out at roughly 220 – 250g of sausage meat per egg.  Using a sheet of cling film, press the sausage meat into a disc big enough to comfortably surround your egg.  You don’t want to be doing too much moulding and shaping when it comes to the softer eggs, so be generous.  Crumble/smoosh/cube a slice of black pudding and cover the surface of the sausage meat.  As I said earlier, you can also combine it with the sausage meat if you’d like, its entirely up to you.

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