Kelly's Super Noodles!

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Kelly's Super Noodles!

Fast, fresh and easy to prep ahead, these noodles will make lunchtime great again!  Make up a few jars at a time and stash in the fridge for an easy grab ‘n’ go lunch or midweek dinner.  Just add boiling water!


Some tasty examples of great things you can layer in your jars are listed below, but this is the formula to follow for maximum Nood gratification.  


What you’ll need


Clip top jar or pot (minimum 500ml)


A&O Noods seasoning 1 heaped tsp per 100ml of water.


1 nest of instant rice noodles


Pre-cooked protein of choice 


Veggies of choice


Fresh soft herbs or citrus


Boiling water to cover everything when it’s time to eat.



Layer in your ingredients in the order above.  When it’s time to eat, cover with boiling water, wait 3 or 4 minutes, stir well and devour!  


Tip - Remove jar from the fridge an hour before you want to eat.  It takes the chill off everything and ensures the boiling water can do its thing.


Tasty ingredients to choose from -


Protein - Any grilled meat, jerky, cooked prawns, tofu, Tempe, crack in an egg or 2 (or just go full on veg!)


Veggies - Frozen and tinned veg is great here, like sweetcorn, edamame beans and peas, just allow them to thaw in the jars if using frozen.  Fresh sliced mushrooms, sliced spring onions, peppers, kimchi and carrot ribbons work really well too.


Herbs and citrus - Optional, but they add that bit of extra fresh flavour!  Stick to something soft like coriander, parsley and basil and a slice of lemon or lime popped on top to squeeze over everything is amazing.



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  • Sue

    Love this – such a great idea for ‘lunch in a jar’ Jar noodles have never looked so tempting! Work lunches are going to taste so good and very healthy!

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