MooMami Moink Balls

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MooMami Moink Balls

MooMami Moink Balls by Bill Whelan

Makes 20 Moink Balls
Prep time 15-20 minutes
Cook time 30-40 minutes

This is a great dish for serving as a bbq starter and is packed with delicious umami flavour. Easy to prep and cook on any bbq and can easily be adapted to cook in your oven.


1kg of beef mince. Ideally 10-15% fat content
50 grams of MooMami seasoning
20 rashers of streaky bacon
20 cubes of manchego cheese about 1cm square
100mls of Dirty Barbie Sauce

Tip: make this recipe your own by choosing your favourite A&O rub and cheese combos. Next up for me is Italian Stallion x Mozzarella!

Mix the seasoning with your mince and form your meat balls into 50 gram portions. Stuff a cheese cube in the middle of each meatball and reform making sure they are sealed tight so you don’t lose any of that tasty cheese.

Slice your rashers of bacon in half and make a cross, place a meatball in the middle of the cross and wrap the meatball in the bacon. The bacon should stay in place with a gentle press.

Get your bbq up to temp and cook your formed Moinkballs indirect at a temp of 150c or 300f. Don’t get caught up in temps just keep an eye on the progress of the moinks and rotate away from heat if necessary.

Once your internal temp on the moinkballs reaches 65-68c get them all glazed with a liberal coating of Dirty Barbie and cook long enough for the sauce to set and the internal temp to reach 71c.

Served with some extra sauce for dipping.

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