Pork Belly Eggs Benedict

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Pork Belly Eggs Benedict



Who needs ham when you have pork belly. Take this classic breakfast to another level


 Skin on pork belly slices (1inch thick)

English muffins

Large eggs

Hollandaise sauce

A&O sweet bones and bacon




  • Remove the skin from the pork and using a jaccard or corn on the cob holder pierce lots holes into the skin. Place onto a plate and cover with lots of salt and put into the fridge uncovered.
  • Cut the pork belly in half so they look like they will fit onto a muffin put into a bowl and cover generously with the rub make sure all the pork is coated evenly and place in the fridge over night.
  • Following day set up your bbq for direct heat and indoors your oven grill set to high
  • Whilst waiting for the temperatures to heat up take the skin out of the fridge and wash off all the salt pat dry place on a tray skin side up, place towards the bottom of the oven and grill until golden and it bubbles up. Once done take out and allow to cool
  • Place pork belly onto bbq and cook until fat has rendered down and it’s cooked through and crispy.
  • When the pork is almost done heat up a pan of water and poach your eggs for runny yolk aim for 3-4 minutes. And warm through your chosen hollandaise sauce.
  • Chuck your muffins on the grill to toast just before serving.
  • To plate place the pork belly on top of the muffin followed by the poached egg. Then pour your sauce over the top and sprinkle some SB&B on top and place the crackling over the top.
  • Enjoy with a A&O coffee federation coffee.



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