Salt & Pepper Chilli Cashews

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Salt & Pepper Chilli Cashews

Our Ambassador Bill has created a moreish and easy snack, with 3 ingredients! Cashew Nuts, oil and our Chinese Takeaway Salt & Pepper Chilli Rub. Yes please!!

This is the perfect way to use the residual heat in your BBQ, or to spice up your cold smoked cashews. You can also use your oven to roast the nuts, set the roasting temperature 150c.

  • Roast your whole plain or smoked cashews in a light coating of the cooking oil of your choice, but we use peanut oil.
  • Cook lightly in the BBQ or oven until turning golden brown on each side.
  • Be careful not to let them cook too long - and times depend on your individual set up but keep a close eye on your nuts as they can change quickly.
  • Place in a bowl and toss in a generous tablespoon of Chinese Salt n Pepper Chilli Rub - mixing until well coated.
    • Most of the A&O rubs will work well with this so choose your favourites and give it a try! 
When fully cooled, store in an air tight container. You could even decorate a mason jar and gift to family and friends.

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