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Say goodbye to boring snacks with this super simple Vegetable Pakora recipe using our Bengali Gosht Seasoning.

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curry, gosht, lamb, lamb curry -

This is a hearty meal for two with a lamb shank each to strip from the bone and gnaw upon if your part caveman like us! 

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bean, chickpeas, curry, gosht, stew, vegetarian -

Full of hearty beans, spinach and kale, this recipe makes for a banging healthy meal that is packed with flavour and is in your belly within 20 minutes.

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Bengali, Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Gosht, Tikka, Tikka Gold -

The blend of Indian Spices work best with chicken marinated overnight, and grilled over coals for the authentic smokey char. Works well in the oven too. 

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Bengali, chutney, Curry, fries, gosht, lemon pepper, raita -

A deliciously quick and easy spin on the usual loaded fries. These Gosht seasoned fries are loaded up with Paneer and served with homemade Onion Chutney and Lemon Pepper Raita!

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