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​Red onion Harissa Pickles  Literally translated as head of the Shop. Ras el hanout is a north African spice blend that show cases all the top shelf flavours.    Here we have made our super quick Harissa Red Onions. These keep well in the fridge for a while and are the perfect accompaniment to many a meat or cheese dish!

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Harissa, pork -

Charred Ruby Oink Grapefruit, Black Cardamom and Stem Ginger Pork Fillet  Ingredients   6 Large Ruby Pink Grapefruit  3 Large Baack Cardamom  3 Stem Gingers chopped  3 tsp of Harissa/Ras el Hanout Zest and juice of a Fresh lemon juice 3 tbs of Stem Ginger Juice out of the jar 60 gms of Maple Syrup or 150gms of Sugar 1 Knob of Butter  1/2 Bottle of Pectin   1 Pork fillet  Side of Greens  Makes 2 x 0.25 or Medium Bottle  Method  Chargrill your grapefruit and set aside in a bowl with a plate to cover. Cool in the fridge overnight and let the...

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diced lamb, Harissa, lamb, tagine -

This aromatic dish is full of warm rich spices and tender mouthwatering beef. The addition of soft apricots add a welcomed sweetness to the dish and cuts through the rich tomato based sauce. Serve it as a hearty main dish or as part of a Mezze platter with Cous Cous or flatbreads.

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Harissa, pork, pork belly, ras el hanout -

This combination of rich aromatic pork belly, spicy sweet and sour salad and a tangy Moroccan inspired BBQ sauce are a match made in heaven!  It's very simple to make using a few pantry staples.  Why not give it a try! 

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Baharat, Coconut, Dessert, Gamebird, Harissa, Ice Cream, Ice Lolly, Jack and Coke, Lemon Pepper, Meat Tinsel, Mexican, Paletas, Voodoo Mango -

8 different ways to try a Mexican Paleta's. A big thanks to Jay Porter for her amazing creations!

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