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Some heart warming winter fare for your hungry faces! A quick and easy lunch cooked up by our Jono for the hungry guys and gals at HQ this week!Fabulous flavours from our Exodust Jerk Seasoning and a good splash of hot sauce to spice it up a little more!

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Angus and Oink, Cinnamon, Greek, Greek food, Gyros, Hot Sauce, Lemon, Mediterranean, Oregano, Red Pepper Sauce, Rosemary, seasoning, Souvlaki, sunshine -

Packed with quality oregano, lemon, rosemary and cinnamon – it’s a meal made of Mediterranean sunshine.

Create your own Souvlaki and Gyros at home (our favourite!) using the rub mixed with olive oil, lemon and tomato – finish with our lip-tingling Red Pepper Hot Sauce, Red Dawg.

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