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An awesome alternative to a Friday Night Take Out  Lemon Pepper Chicken  3 Chicken Breasts  200ml of Robinson’s Barely Water Cordial  2 tbs of Honey 1 tbs of oil 3 tbs of Custard Powder  3 tbs of Angus and Oink Lemon Pepper Seasoning  Chopped Pineapple, tinned or fresh  Sprinkle of Chives or Coriander stalks   Chopped Chilli  Sliced Lemon to garnish  Slice chicken breasts on the bias and dust with Lemon Pepper and set aside to marinate for a few hours or overnight Lightly brown the chicken in a pan with oil and then leave to one side.   Pour the...

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8 different ways to try a Mexican Paleta's. A big thanks to Jay Porter for her amazing creations!

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A genius way to use our Lemon Pepper Seasoning as part of your Christmas Dinner.

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This one pan tray bake roast gives you the perfect combo of zesty lemon & fragrant herbs and juicy, savoury roast chicken featuring our Lemon Pepper Seasoning. 

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A deliciously quick and easy spin on the usual loaded fries. These Gosht seasoned fries are loaded up with Paneer and served with homemade Onion Chutney and Lemon Pepper Raita!

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