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There’s nothing like a hot, fresh empanada straight out of the oven! And this recipe is everything you dream an empanada to be: golden, buttery, flaky pastry that’s crispy all over. Inside, a juicy beef filling with an extra flavour punch from the Mexican Seasoning and the jalapeños! Having spent years living in Argentina, Malissa & Scott assure us there's nothing better than an empanada (or two) after a Quilmes or two at the weekend!  While more traditional fillings consist of minced seasoned beef (Gaucho is great for this), olives and egg, or perhaps a nice tomato based chicken filling. We...

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Birria Tacos are seriously the best way to enjoy a taco! Getting am amazing flavoursome beefy broth is the key here!   

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We brought a little bit of  little bit of Mexico home with us. Even after being home from our travels a few weeks we couldn't stop thinking about this delicious dish we had tried in a few different spots in Mexico and it never failed to deliver on epic taste! This is proper hangover cure material. But your don’t need a hangover to enjoy this, these also make a great Saturday night (sharing)* snack!    *this is optional

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I say Margarita.  This is certainly not an authentic margarita but it’s a simple to make and a tasty cocktail that looks cool for the gram with a spice rimmed glass... 

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8 different ways to try a Mexican Paleta's. A big thanks to Jay Porter for her amazing creations!

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