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bean, Cajun, Pork, stew -

Red Cajun makes for a delicious pot of pork & beans.

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bean, chickpeas, curry, gosht, stew, vegetarian -

Full of hearty beans, spinach and kale, this recipe makes for a banging healthy meal that is packed with flavour and is in your belly within 20 minutes.

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Chicken, Harissa, Moroccan, one pot, spicy chicken, stew -

A taste of North Africa in this spicy one pot chicken dish...

Our friend and Brand Ambassador Sue Stoneman cooked up this tasty stew on her Kamado Joe, but it can be easily be replicated on the hob! 

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italian stallion, stew -

  A delicious and hearty stew recipe from Sue Stoneman making great use of our Italian Stallion Rub! Sue's Italian Stallion Oxtail Stew   Stew or Casserole? Whatever you call it, this tasty dish is for those cold days or nights when you want to dive into a big bowl of warming comfort food.  Serve with good ol mash, jacket spuds or pasta to help soak up the delicious sauce and add some green veg for colour and crunch. Tastes even better warmed up the next day if there are any leftovers!  Ingredients 1.5kg Oxtail (cut into pieces) 2 tbsp...

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burrito, chipotle, juan, juan more, mexican, pork, pozole, Rubs, slow cooked, slow cooker, stew -

This traditional Mexican Stew works great with The General seasoning on the pork!

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