Tasty Tomato Tart

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Tasty Tomato Tart

Tasty Tomato Tart

 Making the most of what’s in season, here’s a colourful summer tasty tomato tart.  Just a few ingredients but packed full with flavour. Imagine yourself by the side of Lake Como sipping a glass of chilled chianti – Italian Stallion seasoning might just do this for you if you sprinkle it on your food!  It’s great on steak and lamb too, in fact it’s great on everything, even in a pot of bolognese keeping the Italian vibes going. If you’ve got a glut of tomatoes, try roasting the tomatoes in the same way below, toss in some garlic cloves and blitz it to make a sauce which will be perfect for pizzas or to stir into pasta.

It can be baked on the BBQ or in the oven.  If cooking on the BBQ, you want it set up for indirect cooking, temp about 170C. In a domestic oven, you can go a bit higher at 180C and it will cook a bit quicker.



 500g pack of puff pastry (I used half)

500g tomatoes – I used a mix of colours and varieties

A big glug of good quality olive oil

Italian Stallion seasoning

Salt and Pepper

1 beaten egg for glazing




Wash and chop the tomatoes in half.  Place in a large baking tin and drizzle with a big glug of olive oil.  Give a sprinkle of Italian Stallion seasoning (about two tablespoons) and add some salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Give the tray a good shimmy shake and place into your BBQ. Cook for about half an hour until the tomatoes just start to soften. 

Remove from the heat and leave to cool.  You will see that a lot of liquid has come out of the tomatoes.  Strain the tomatoes and keep the juice in a jug to pour over the tart once it’s cooked.


Take half the block of puff pastry and roll it out to the thickness of a pound coin. Draw around a dinner plate and cut out a circle. Place this onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Carefully place the roasted tomatoes onto the middle of the pastry disc, leaving a 3cm gap all around the edge.  Brush this with the beaten egg and lift up the edge, crimping it to keep all the tomatoes in.  Brush the top side with beaten egg again. Put into your BBQ for half an hour.  Check the pastry is cooked and has turned a nice golden colour. Serve warm or cold with a salad and new potatoes with Garlic Butter.  Pour over the delicious juices reserved from the tomatoes.


The sides of the tart did in fact drop down during cooking.  I think this was because I over filled the tart.  It didn’t matter, it looked more like a tomato pizza and was delicious all the same.

Tip: put the baking tray on an upturned tin on top of the grill – this helps stop the base of the tart burning.

Try adding feta or lumps of your favourite cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar onto the tomatoes prior to cooking.


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