Angus & Oink Marinade Spray Bottle

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Stainless Steel Marinade Spray Bottle

Use spray bottle to keep meat moist on the grill and bbq. Add layers of additional flavours to meats and veg while they cook. Spray any solid free fluid such as apple juice, vinegar, wine or soy sauce. 


Customer Reviews

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ewan kindness
Marinade bottle

Well constructed delivered on time tx

Barry Mcconville
Very good product and very much worth the price.

Love the product...

Gareth Jones
Not as good as the old version

I had the old version which to me was near perfect. Unfortunately I broke it and bought this version thinking it would be an improvement, but unfortunately not. The spray is more of a halo rather than a mist. Leading to inconsistent spritzing of protein.

John McLean
Not bad for a little squirt.

Fits snugly in the hand and lovingly caresses 250ml of apple cider vinegar like your grandmother used to. Left my short ribs glistening with delight.

Alex Yeomans
Excellent quality product.

I initially looked at various unbranded cheaper options, but decided to go with the A&O one as it was likely a safe bet. Excellent quality as I expected and works perfectly.